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      Please take a moment to read the text below regarding my approach to work.

      I collaborate exclusively with premier tattoo suppliers in the USA, Germany, and Great Britain. I utilize professional tattoo machines, including FK Irons from the USA and Cheyenne from Germany. The tattoo inks I use are from top American brands such as Intenze and Dynamic, all of which are EU Reach Compliant certified. Additionally, I employ disposable sterile cartridges manufactured by Cheyenne in Germany. For anesthetic creams and aftercare products, I rely on InkEeeze (USA), Biotat (UK), and Cheyenne (Germany).

      My clients benefit from a comprehensive range of tattoo services, encompassing everything from the initial concept to the complete realization of the design on their skin, along with subsequent care.

      Given the high standards of my work, my services are not inexpensive. I operate strictly by appointment and do not assess tattoos based on the number and thickness of lines.

      My pricing is independent of your budget.

      If you have read this text to the end and are still on my site, I invite you to view my work on Instagram and contact me afterward. Best wishes.

      Kirill Goldbek
      Tattoo Artist, Madeira Island

      I'm Kirill Goldbek, founder of the family studio Goldbek Tattoo in Funchal. We are pleased to share great news with you. Our new studio is open from September 20, 2023. We put a lot of effort into renovating, decorating, and transforming the studio into a place of power and creativity. This is the ideal location for our work and we have taken great care to create a comfortable environment for our guests and clients.

      We take immense pride in our work and constantly strive to enjoy the creative process of each project. Our goal is to create stunning pieces of tattoo art that our clients will treasure for years to come.

      We will be glad to see you all in our family tattoo studio in Madeira island.

      Come join us for a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine.

      Goldbek Tattoo - Tattoo Studio in Madeira island, Portugal
      This is the ideal location for our work and we have taken great care to create a comfortable environment for our guests and clients.
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      The Tattooing Process

      Taking the time to properly brainstorm can help bring your vision into focus and make sure it becomes reality when you head in for your appointment.
      Tattoo design
      Having the perfect canvas ready for your ideal ink masterpiece requires thoughtfulness and care, so let’s dive into what goes into making sure your dream design becomes reality.
      Tattoo session
      Typically, our sessions span a minimum of 2 hours, tailored to accommodate the approved design, size, choice of colors, and even your skin sensitivity. It's an artful experience where we carefully craft each stroke to ensure your vision comes to life!
      Healing process
      The healing process is equally as important as the application. The good news is, we've got everything you need to know about taking care of your new tattoo so that it will stay looking vibrant for years to come. We use professional tattoo care products from Germany and UK.

      Getting a tattoo is an exciting and meaningful experience. It's a way to express yourself, share your unique story, or memorialize something special. Regardless of why you've decided to get inked, it's important that you take the time to discuss with the tattoo artist all aspects of the process from choosing the perfect design to taking care of your skin after it heals. We highly recommend reading our Booking rules and The Healing Stages of Tattoos.

      Contact me for tattoo in Funchal
      Deciding to get a tattoo is like embarking on a lifetime adventure. It's a commitment that demands thoughtful consideration, but it's also a journey brimming with excitement and boundless creativity. Here at Madeira Tattoo Studio, we're firm believers that each tattoo should tell a unique story, and we're thrilled to be your partners in expressing yourself through ink.
      Our adept tattoo artists are ready to collaborate with you in designing the perfect masterpiece, focusing on every intricate detail to ensure your tattoo is a true reflection of your vision. Once the ink is laid, we don't just say our goodbyes – we stick around to guide you through the healing process. Offering advice and information, we make sure your skin stays healthy, and your tattoo remains as stunning as the day it was born.

      Whether you're diving into the tattoo world for the first time or you've got a collection going, at Madeira Tattoo Studio, we're committed to ensuring your tattoo experience is absolutely unforgettable. And hey, just so you know, all our top-notch tattoo supplies come from a reliable partner in Europe – MB Shop Europe.

      Cheers to creating lasting, inked memories!

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      We use only professional and certified brands from Europe, UK, and US

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